Gabor Herczeg constructs and fixes road racing bikes, fixed gear, single speed and polo bikes. In these areas, he offers the following services:

Conversion, optimization, update

From road racing bike to city, fixed gear or single speed bike

Reuse of old material, combined with traditional components, NOS & vintage, paint job

-Polo Bikes
Low budget bikes for beginners or high-end tuning for pro players...

-Show Bikes
For special events, shop window or entrance hall decoration...

-Visual Tuning
The color of the saddle, cable housing, tires and grips fitted to the theme of the frame/clothes/hair style/mood of the rider....

-Custom DesignBuilding up an individual bike from A to Z, according to the rider wishes and stock possiblities...


-Recycling Design
Instead of landing in the junkyard, old bicycle parts can be reused creatively. Examples: Tire belts, hub candle holders, shelves made of spokes, rim hangers, frame-stools.

Build up your own Bicycle