" me and my bicycle..." The third out of four bikes I built for my brother in Budapest/Hungary


Gabor is a buddy and bike surgeon in one person.  The guests who gather in his cozy workshop can get professional, competent and compassionate advises all around the old school bicycles. His excitement is obvious to the listener. But when it gets down to work, he uses his instruments as precise and certain as a heart surgeon at the Insel-Hospital located not far from the workshop.

Gabor is originally from Hungary. After the first fall in his childhood and subsequent elation on two wheels, Gabor continued on faster and faster models, shredding over the dusty city streets. He worked as a bike messenger in Budapest over the winter, where he extended his street skills and bike expertise during an Erasmus year. In Fribourg Gabor has completed a master's degree in business administration. In addition to his entrepreneurial activities, Gabor plays Bike Polo on Tuesdays and organizes "Alleycat" races for messengers and joy-riders. Four years long he has only been riding fixed gear bikes as a Mahamaya Fixpress Messenger in Bern and enjoys the silent muscle and cardio workout ever since. Just for the record, he has never been passed by of an e-bike yet!


In the sales-oriented bike industry mainly new material is used, causing a huge amount of waste. Gabor takes a different approach. Whenever possible, he prefers well-preserved vintage parts over new material. Old goods acquire new value.

Old retro steel frames are equipped with intact components, vintage pieces combined with new models, scuffed frames are covered with fresh paint. And before disused parts land in the junkyard, they get turned into imaginative objects and stunning decoration (recycling).

Gabor's philosophy is based on Velo-romance, but also on rational grounds. Compared to the expensive virgin material, intact old stock is reliable and stable. With his philosophy Gabor bypasses the planned obsolescence and leaves a minimal environmental footprint.